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Time to pack up your time traveling suitcase and enjoy a tasty trip down memory lane! With Kernel’s Gourmet Popcorn & More’s giant assortment of simply delicious Vintage Candy, you will soon be enjoying sweet memories of youth with each sumptuous bite. Shop for delectable candies from days gone by like chewy Sprees, chocolaty Tootsie Rolls, Salt Water Taffy, Red Licorice Laces, Sour Cherry Balls, Mini Gum Balls and assorted fine flavors of Jolly Ranchers. At Kernel’s, we stock the very best in Vintage Candy along with our other fine products, gifts and selection of fresh gourmet popcorn.

Vintage Candy

Vintage Candy

Kernel’s Gourmet Popcorn & More has two locations: our original store in Geneva, located at 316 West State Street, and our second store at 2555 West 75th Street, Suite 109, in Naperville. We ship anywhere in the USA! Call to place an order at 630-232-7151 for Geneva or 630-717-2595 in Naperville.

Savor a brand new memory each time you enjoy our Vintage Candy! Each of our sweet selections is available in family-friendly bulk sizes, making them ideal for your next throwback-themed party or as a delightful Vintage Candy giveaway treat for work parties, holidays and birthday celebrations as gift baskets.

Vintage Candy Highlight – Spree

Spree was first manufactured by the Sunline Candy Company of St. Louis, Missouri in the 1960s. During the 1970s, the Spree brand was purchased by Nestle, who marketed the chewy candy under their Willy Wonka brand. One of the more popular varieties we stock here at Kernel’s, Spree are round candies with an outer shell, tart-tasting on the inside and sweet on the outside. They are available in their delightful original Vintage Candy flavors including orange, lime, grape, cherry and lemon. Order yours today!

A Few Health Benefits of Popcorn

Dietary fiber is a substantial benefit to consuming whole grains. Popcorn contains about four grams of dietary fiber for each four cups of popped popcorn. Many Americans only consume about half of their suggested daily amount of fiber, which is around 25 grams for adult females and about 40 grams for adult males. A sufficient amount of fiber intake not only helps people with regular digestion, but it may also help to reduce your general risk of developing cardiovascular disease, lower blood cholesterol levels and lower risk of type two diabetes by limiting blood sugar levels.

In popcorn, the antioxidants can be found within the hull and are known as polyphenols. Like most antioxidants, polyphenols serve as protection against health hazards like heart disease, cancers and other risks caused by free radicals – which are basically cells that attack other, healthy cells.

Whole grains are high in fiber and in complex carbohydrates. Plus, they are low in fat content, which makes popcorn a healthy snack for anyone who is trying to lose weight. And even if you prefer your Popcorn Naperville more than just plain, you can always add tasty herbs such as dill or curry, or add olive or coconut oil.

About Kernel’s

In 2003, the first Kernel’s store located in Geneva – we were originally named Kernel Fabyan’s – moved into another retail spot in Naperville. In 2011, we decided to relocate the Geneva store from Third Street to a bigger outlet at nearby 316 State Street. It was then we grew our excellent product lines to feature quality, Vintage Candy, gift baskets, nuts and lots more.

At both Kernel’s locations, our tasty, crunchy popcorn is always prepared fresh every day. Focus on detail and top quality, all-natural ingredients are what makes enjoying our fine Popcorn Naperville such a delicious experience!