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Small Batch Popcorn

We make fresh batches of our gourmet popcorn every single day in our Geneva and Naperville stores. We prepare and ship your orders as they come in, guaranteeing freshness and great taste.

High Quality

We use natural ingredients of the finest quality to make our popcorn, as well as our expanded product line of high-quality candies, nuts, and more. Our popcorn flavors never lose to the big-box stores in blind taste tests.

Customers First

We are a family-owned business and our customers are our priority. We are easy to contact directly—no waiting on hold or pressing numbers! We’ll answer and resolve all your questions quickly and cheerfully.


I am a popcorn lover and have tried popcorn from around the country. Once I found Kernel's, I became a loyal customer. It is the best popcorn ever. I live in southern Illinois, but order from Kernel's whenever I'm in the mood for some great popcorn.

Christy from Troy, IL


I am converted. I will no longer travel to Chicago to buy Garrett’s. I have compared your mix with Garrett's and I no longer desire Garrett’s. I have converted 4 others and they all agree your popcorn is the best. Better taste as well as price wise.

Janell from Naperville, IL


I want to start off by saying Kernel's Gourmet popcorn is the best popcorn I have ever tasted in my life. I use to drive all the way downtown to buy Garrett’s popcorn. Garrett’s cheese popcorn doesn't even come close to Kernel's cheese popcorn. You all are the best. I make sure I buy a bag of popcorn once a week. So Garrett’s eat your heart out.

Sharon from Bolingbrook Area


Best Popcorn in the World!

Dorothy from Elgin, IL


Kernel's Gourmet is by far the best popcorn I have ever had in my life. I have tried every popcorn ever made (including Garrett’s) & KG blows away the competition hands down. It is my last meal in my will.

Aaron from Sugar Grove, IL


Kernel's Gourmet Popcorn & More's popcorn is BETTER than Garrett’s. I didn't think it was possible. You have to try it and you'll become a believer.

Jill from Crystal Lake, IL


Kernel's Popcorn is better than Garrett’s Popcorn.

Vanessa from Elgin, IL

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