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We make gourmet Popcorn Woodridge fresh and ready for order every day. Choose from delicious flavors like kettle, cheesy, fire, caramel, cookies and cream, movie or white cheddar. We ship anywhere in the USA!

In addition to our simply delicious popcorn, we also stock a wide selection of candies, nuts and popcorn tins.

Popcorn Woodridge

Popcorn Woodridge

Popular Popcorn Facts:

*About 70 percent of the popcorn in the nation is enjoyed at home while the other 30 percent is typically eaten at movie theaters, sports stadiums and schools.

*Much of the popcorn that is consumed around the globe comes from the USA, where it is grown in states like Illinois, Iowa and Indiana. And while world-wide sales of the snack are steadily rising, it is still in America where citizens enjoy it most.

*Our Popcorn Woodridge is made fresh daily: Some of factors that influence quality of popcorn are the kernel’s interior moisture, processing methods and handling.

*Good quality popcorn typically provides a minimum of 98 percent popping kernels with just under two percent remaining unpopped. Effective care at the processing stage helps sustain this rate. Best practices help to maintain the highest quality Popcorn Woodridge.

*Since home storage can influence the internal moisture within kernels, opened bags of unpopped kernels should always be stored in sealed containers until use. Avoid storing popcorn in your refrigerator because the cold air has low moisture levels which can dry out the kernels.

*Popcorn is a member of the whole grain category that’ completely unprocessed and contains no additives, GMOs or other concealed ingredients. Additionally, the snack is fairly high in fiber.