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Gourmet Candy

Did You Know? Besides being simply delicious, dark chocolate is a Gourmet Candy that has a number of health benefits!

Industry research has shown that chocolate, particularly dark chocolate with its high content of antioxidants, offers a number of health benefits. A main reason for this is that dark chocolate contains flavonoids, which occurs naturally in plants. This gives dark chocolate the ability to combat against free radicals. Free radicals are basically compounds that are created by the body’s cellular functions to fight against toxins that people are exposed to on a regular basis. Antioxidants are simply the natural compounds that help neutralize harmful free radicals and protects the body from their effects.

Antioxidants are typically minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals — which are naturally beneficial plant compounds. Two kinds of antioxidants that are found in dark chocolate are polyphenols and flavonoids. Dark chocolate’s cocoa content has been shown to provide these in higher amounts than even tea or wine.

Better Heart Health. Flavanols are the primary type of flavonoid contained in dark chocolate. Studies have revealed that flavanols offer benefits toward heart health by lowering blood pressure and boosting blood circulation to the heart and the brain. Dark chocolate’s flavanols can even help to make blood platelets less prone to sticking together, which limits the hazard of blood clotting and strokes.

A few more fast facts about everyone’s favorite Gourmet Candy:

*Dark chocolate contains more cacao – which are the beans chocolate is manufactured from – and lower amounts of sugar when compared to other chocolates.
*Dark chocolate is a Gourmet Candy that helps to widen arteries and promote healthy circulation that can serve to prevent plaque buildup and blockage.
*Consuming a moderate amount of dark chocolate each day helps lower risk of heart disease.
*Flavonoids contained in cocoa-related products provide anti-clotting and anti-inflammatory
effects that help lower the risk of diabetes by enhancing insulin sensitivities.
*The wonderful scent of chocolate actually boosts theta brain waves that help the body relax.

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